8 Sex Tips Inspired by Shakira

Get loca, loca, loca.

Ariel Nagi

1. Roll around inblack body paint. This scene from “La Tortura” is probably Shakira’s most memorable moment. Get messy with your partner and do it on top of body paint —you’ll feel incredibly sexy. Belly dancing is optional.
8 Sex Tips Inspired by Shakira

2. Try out something… acrobatic. Remember when Shak was hanging off poles in her video”She-Wolf?” Invest in something fun like a sex swing, or try out a sex position that involves incredible flexibility.
8 Sex Tips Inspired by Shakira

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3. For a week, do it whenever, wherever. Shakira wasn’t kidding when she said that you’re meant to be together “whenever, wherever.”

4. Try a sex position that mostly involves thrusting your hips. The easiest one is girl on top or reverse cowgirl. Show your boo that your hips don’t lie.
8 Sex Tips Inspired by Shakira

5. Have a make-out session and lightly bite each other “en la boca.” Who says you have to go straight to bed? OK, so you probably haven’t made out with someone since the sixth grade, but Shaki knows the power of sensual foreplay.

6. Let your partner get underneath your clothes, without taking them off. Inspired by her hit “Underneath Your Clothes,” wear a sexy dress and challenge your partner to get you excited without taking a single item off.

7. Rub ice on the most sensitive parts of each other’s bodies. Aside from her girl-on-girl action with RiRi, Shakira’s sexiest video scene was when her buff boyfriend in”Illegal” slowly rubbed her body with ice.
8 Sex Tips Inspired by Shakira

8. Have shower sex with a wet T-shirt on. I mean, do I really have to explain why this is hot?
8 Sex Tips Inspired by Shakira

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